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The standard grey-black plastic macs of the 50s/60s were without hoods,to accommodate school uniform caps(yuck! Some of the other brands of plastic mac did have attached hoods, but most had separate rain bonnets, so beloved of Susan.When plastic macs reappeared with a vengeance, in the late 70s, the attached hoods were one of the most attractive features.Alternatively,you would do well to consider "Stay Dry Rainwear".They stock excellent,low-priced nylon macs,in both navy and black.In case you have been having a nap for the past five years or so, in which case you are definitely too old for this trend, skintight dresses are made of very thick, stretchy fabric, and cling to your every curve. But I think they can still look good on those of us who are in reasonable shape but have perhaps lost some tautness in the stomach, because they hold us in.You can find lots of body-contour dresses that end just below the knee, autumn's new sexy length.No, I'm kidding, it's just that this dreadful garment is so unflattering and infantalising on everyone, even if you look as good as Jane Fonda, 70. There were plenty of warm sunny summer days that my parents would dress me warm for.

Love the comment from Jamie as i recall pakamacs at first had hoods. would ask mum to let me off wearing my plastic mac n hood when fine but to no avail , Bev.For my part, I love attached hoods as they make the items so much more alluring.They give the mac and the wearer a beautifully "chunky" appearance. My parents were rather strict when I was growing up, and one of their rules was that a pakamac would be my summer coat.Rest assured, I do remain witnin the confines of decency! A Happy New Year to all the waterproof fraternity-let's hope there is as much rain as possible!Jamie has made an interesting comment about Pakamac hoods.

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