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Amber can be seen sitting next to Roberts' sister Sally Ann.Amber also met up with Robin at Elton John's Oscar bash in February.6. Moving Experience: Laign reportedly graduated from Clayton Valley High School in Concord, Calif., in 1992. News confirms that Roberts and Laign, a Bay Area native, met through mutual friends (who are, apparently, some fantastic matchmakers).2.In a rare public appearance, Amber, 39, looked elegant with her blonde hair swept up and wearing a grey gown, as she sat sandwiched in between Robin's sisters Sally-Ann and Dorothy and was caught on camera at the ESPN awards in July.And Amber, a massage therapist, looks equally in love with Robin as they enjoyed a vacation together and even posted 'selfies' while on vacation in Hawaii with friends in August.

Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Robin Roberts arm bands may be custom made by her stylists to perfect match each outfit, but a company called Sleek Sleeves makes many models and colors of sleeves that would serve the purpose.

"Had a great time in Kona and now in Maui for a blissful week.

Grateful to have time to truly rest, relax, and reflect. I pray that you will believe as I did (and still do)...

The GMA star said: ''My year in post was just full of gratitude and telling everyone all that I'm grateful for, including my girlfriend Amber who really loved me through a very difficult year and I'm very happy for the support.' And after saying she was looking forward to celebrating a 'glorious new year' with Amber, Robin wrote: 'My loved ones and I thank the beautiful people of Turks & Caicos for your hospitality.#Sweet Serenity'.

Robin and Amber also spent Christmas on the beach as the 53-year-old star said she was 'grateful to be with loved ones', posting a picture of a sign propped up on the sand, reading: 'Let it Snow Somewhere Else!

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