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” are a fun callback to Larry animating the ire of a Japanese waiter in season two’s “The Acupuncturist,” but all the back and forth leading up to it about apologizing while snacking starts to needle.

Too bad Wanda Sykes wasn’t at the toy store when Larry picked up a biracial children’s doll for their friends’ baby shower.

Larry buying Viagra from an elderly man in the park (David Canary of fame) is a tad silly, but works as a New York bookend to his clumsy L. pot buy in season four’s “The Carpool Lane.” It’s really Leon, kicking back and eating Champagne-filled croissants, who can once more consider himself the winner.

More than most, season nine plays the long game, and the semantics over when it’s necessary to thank a veteran for their service comes full circle in the finale.

Amy Hill is an aces casting choice as a prescient psychic who gets in Larry’s head, even if his actions — and a fortuitous dining choice worsened by a stop-and-chat snub — ensure that in this season-two finale (unlike at the climax of season one’s “AAMCO”), he won’t be getting any.

Had Ted Danson been warned by Rob Reiner or Julia Louis-Dreyfus not to go into any kind of partnership with their dear friend, he might have avoided the eminent disaster played out over a superlative season-three arc.

(“I would have zero interest in a person like you,” he comforts Leon as they imagine their lives as bisexuals.) Original writer Alan Zweibel also visits as an East Coast buddy who can’t woo Larry to lunch.

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“The Smoking Jacket” is unusual in its degree of nudity, but that’ll happen when you take a barely teenaged boy to see a topless woman so he won’t tell Richard Lewis you wished him dead for your birthday.

And for better or worse, the debut of Larry’s recurring incognito accessories.

, does come to pass), he may well gain entry as commendation for his honesty.

Not only is Aida aboard in this episode, but Wanda Sykes returns to make Larry’s life miserable (“I’m still at the same email: IHate Larry”) and steal his life-altering personal trainer (Cheyenne Jackson). ” was a somewhat forced reintroduction to the show’s colorful ensemble and signature crank antics, like Larry’s unsolicited opinions about lesbian weddings.

It did, however, feature a gangbusters cameo from Carrie Brownstein as Larry’s constipated and insufferable personal assistant.

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