Pros and cons of dating a younger man

Some of these may include: financial constraints/ stability, the need for variation (dynamism), gaining experience, among a whole lot factors unmentioned.But albeit all these, there do exist certain pros and cons when it comes to dating older men. To cap it all up, I’ll say that no one relationship is predictable or perfect.You never know which one might just do for you when you least expect it.Age difference, needn’t be a barrier separating two people who love and cherish each other so much.Accoring to the University of Dundee in Scotland, “as women become more financially independent, their taste may skew toward older (and better-looking) men.” Most women love the thought of stability.Being with a man that is well off or just more financially responsible is comforting, especially when you are planning out your future.2.I end up feeling like a mother instead of a girlfriend.

No more wondering four months into your “situation” if this is going anywhere! Confidence ‘ON FLEEK’You ever go out knowing you look good, just to feel like nobody is trying to approach you?Most people assume you are dating an older man ONLY for that reason.The fact of the matter is most older men have their “ish” together! Women are dating guys 15-25 years older than them more than ever these days. I have dated older men in my past, and I’d have to say it is quite a different experience than dating in your own age group.I mean look at Jay-z and Beyonce for crying out loud or even Kylie and Tyga (okay maybe I took it too far! As if relationships don’t already come with their own set of ups and downs, if you’ve ever dated someone 10 years or more older than you, you probably experienced some of the best and worst times of your life with that person.

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