Promiscuous online dating site women

In spite of that, though, online dating doesn’t hurt daters or their prospects — in fact, it helps them by opening up the dating pool.

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“When it came to friendships – these are the very people one would think they could turn to for support.” “Sexually permissive women are ostracized for being easy, whereas men with a high number of sexual partners are viewed with a sense of accomplishment,” she said.Well, this is fun: In an analysis of the same national survey data that Rosenfelt used, Paul — a Ph. candidate at Michigan State — basically comes to the opposite conclusion about online dating and relationship quality. People who meet online are more likely to date than to marry.And whether or not they made it to the altar, online daters usually broke up more and faster: Over the course of the survey, 32 percent of the online-dating couples had broken up, versus 23 percent of the couples who met offline.Women have always been more harshly judged in terms of promiscuity than their male counterparts.Taking multiple lovers is seen as a victory for a man, but a blemish against a woman.

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