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The Hot Potatoes Add-ons on this site are all 'Facelifted'. Some discussion I've had suggested that there may be people who would prefer the add-ons with the old look of Hot Potatoes, and I've decided to ask, although I'm reluctant to maintain two versions of each add-on. You will learn: All papers are taught in NZSL and/or English.Core papers COMM570 Academic Communication COMM610 i Reflect COMM600 i Communicate COMM700 i Research SOSC581 Research and Analysis TIKA503 Ki te Whaiao: Maori Culture and Society CLSY602 Aotearoa New Zealand Culture and Society For a complete list of the core papers see Bachelor of Arts overview page.

Year 2 papers NZSL603 New Zealand Sign Language 3 TRIN603 Theory and Practice of Interpreting TRIN604 Societal Contexts for Interpreting NZSL701 New Zealand Sign Language 4 NZSL702 Current Issues in the Deaf World NZSL703 Comparative Analysis of English and NZSL NZSL704 NZSL Interpreting 1 — Dialogic Interactions In the second and third years, you are introduced to the interpreting profession, including the history of interpreting internationally and in New Zealand.

Relationships with the Deaf community, interpreting fraternity and local booking agencies mean students have access to up to date information delivered in a variety of modes.

These include guest speakers, work experience, use of online learning packages and technology that allows staff to interact with students directly to provide valuable feedback.

Researchers: George Major, Lynette Pivac & Susie Ovens New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is recognised as an official, native language of New Zealand.

NZSL – English interpreting is a growing profession in New Zealand.

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