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Caldwell: Sad to say, but I think you hit the nail on the head -- sad to say because I can't be too upbeat about the future on this topic.

I see no reason to think this sort of behavior is going to go away.

As a matter of fact, I suspect we will only see more of it in the future.

Member question: Is this a uniquely American phenomenon? Certainly my study was not a cross-cultural investigation, so I really have no evidence.

She details a number of these from the perspective of a trained sociologist.

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That's what I call 'romantic deception.'" The stories in Caldwell's book are both shocking and familiar.Caldwell: I had the opportunity to observe two romantic liars -- men who pretty much fit the definition I just gave you. I eventually became so intrigued that I started doing some informal library research ---- just to see if anyone had ever looked at the topic.I quickly determined that it was one of those topics that was, for the most part, totally overlooked."Romantic deception isn't about the little white lies or excessive flattery or emotional misrepresentations.Romantic deception is about a man misrepresenting who or what he is -- lying about his marital status, education, occupation, or military background.

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    Opinions and usage of online dating services also differ widely.

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    He serves on the board of the Los Angeles Mission, a rescue mission on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Cloud is an avid golfer and enjoys boating, deep sea fishing and scuba diving. This practical book written by Dr Cloud and Dr Townsend gives great advice for those who are interested in the dating "game".