Kmz to shapefile online dating

When the KMZ file is added as a map layer and selected, the "Play Time Animation" tool is enabled.Clicking on this tool displays a time slider, allowing the user to view an animation of the boundary changes, or to view the boundaries as of any specified date.The shapefiles therefore include a large number of overlapping polygons.The files also include several types of polygons, differentiated by the value included in the CNTY_TYPE field; County, Parish, District, Proposal, and Jefferson Territory.From the Google Earth Places panel, the user can choose to display the counties and county names for the historical boundary layer.Clicking within a county's area on the map displays tabular information for the selected county version, including the version's effective dates, a description of the boundary change, and a citation for the change. See the Google Earth website for more information about this format.The mapped zone (GIS) shapefiles of designated permitted land use in your city.

Arc GIS Explorer has the capability to work with the Atlas of Historical County Boundary's time-coded data in KMZ format.See the shapefile Metadata for additional information about these values.The downloaded Atlas shapefiles can be added as a layer to the Arc Map application.The KMZ files are unprojected, and do not include unsuccessful county proposals.To view the KMZ files in Google Earth (Version 5), open the Google Earth application, select File Open from the main menu bar, and navigate to a state's KMZ file.

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