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My first goal would be to get everything working as well as the current integrated solution along with UI support.

After that is committed, I would take a look at ways we can incorporate additional data provided by SD that Sage TV may not currently have a use for, but would provide an opportunity for new options/features.

There will of course be more to discuss, but I just wanted to get a few ideas out there in case anyone has better ideas on how the UI should flow for this feature or if any of my ideas will be harder than I think to implement and what might be a better alternative.I would leave the Gson code otherwise unchanged so we could upgrade it if the need were to arise without any serious complications.The path for the schedules direct classes would be sd.I’ll do a blog post on the exact method, but this Engadget guide should help.To the TVPlayer devs, if you need any help building your own app drop me a line, I can tell you why the UKTV feeds fail to work without intervention.

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