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cuffing season Everyone knows that winter can be the loneliest time of the year.

Cuffing season is the period between October and February when the temperature drops and the desire to be paired up, or “cuffed,” goes up.

When it’s time to figure out what’s going on, you sit down with that special someone and DTR: define the relationship. He’s attracted to, rather than turned off by, strong, assertive women.

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See: George Clooney, who was a feminist boyfriend before he became a feminist husband.

geographically undesirable That guy or woman who has all the right stuff but lives in the wrong place.

And that place probably involves going over a bridge (shudder), paying a toll (seriously, where are we?!? If your Zip code is home to chain restaurants, requires a car ride or Metro odyssey and has no restaurants open past 10 p.m., that’s G-U, and no, we don’t mean Georgetown University. Guess you need to go to another happy hour together to find out! They have one end goal, and that’s scoring, in the biblical sense.

It’s a bit sloppy, usually spurred on by liquid courage, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere.

Make-out mavens who engage in the DFMO use circumstances to their advantage: the low lights, the booming bass and, most important, the beer goggles*.

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