Diaper sex dating lines

A few women I dated were okay with it for a while but then didn't want to deal with it anymore.

One woman had no problems at all with it, but we split for other reasons.

Maybe he doesn't and stays close to home because of it. Again we are not talking about a woman who was already in love with this person and the condition happened, we are talking about a woman meeting this man and having to decide if she is willing to have his condition affect her, too. There was a good mix from both sides for 'okay with it' and 'not okay with it'.

Would this be a deal breaker or would you still consider dating him?

If he doesn't need my assistance, I'm fine with it. Not wanting to date someone because they have a medical condition whereby they cannot control their bowels and require assistance is another matter.

Also, I think the age and lifestyle of the woman has to be taken into account.

An active 35 year old would view this quite differently than a 57 year old woman.

If it is a pre-exisiting condition, is it just going to get worse? Because he wears diapers, does he actually ever put himself in a position to take long car rides, or go anywhere restrooms are not convenient?

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