Dating postcards backs

 1910 — 1924 AZO (Squares in each corner)  1925 — 1940s AZO (4 triangles pointing upward)  1904 — 1918 AZO (2 triangles up, 2 triangles down)  1918-1930 AZO (diamonds in corners)  1907 — 1909 AZO (nothing in corners)  1922 — 1926 Other tips between for telling the difference between vintage and modern reprints As old postcards can easily be reprinted on home computer printers these days, the following are some additional tips for telling the difference between vintage and modern reprint.As you might expect the counterfeit ones will be of primo subjects, such as Babe Ruth, Shoeless Joe Jackson or Jim Thorpe.These will show standard family poses, including little Jimmy in his school uniform, the family picnicking, a wedding photo.

It can range in intensity and often resembles a silvery patina.

Below is a brief description of the vintage designs.

Post Card Era (1901-1907) The use of the term “POST CARD” was granted by the government to private printers on December 24 1901.

Reprinted by Beijing's Three Shadows Art Center, his guides "Judging the Authenticity of Prints by the Masters" and "Judging the Authenticity of Photographs" were the first comprehensive books on the subjects published in China.

Real photo postcards are postcards with genuine photographic images on the fronts.

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