Cases of sexual assault on college campuses

Bobby Woodard, Auburn’s associate provost and vice president for student affairs, said federal requirements from the U. Department of Education mandate that all public universities follow a process that differs from the judicial and law enforcement systems in many ways.“Those requirements are very clear and come with severe penalties for noncompliance,” Woodard said. In the real world, rape and sexual assault are crimes punishable by going to jail — and rightfully so. ” Debate over campus sex assault has exploded as college students and officials nationwide confront questions about what constitutes consent for sex and what behavior fuels a culture that tolerates or trivializes rape.

They cite schools that report no sex offenses in a given year, an improbable statistic, they say, given studies showing that the issue touches huge numbers of undergraduate women. Claire Mc Caskill (D-Mo.) is teaming with Gillibrand and others on a bipartisan bill that would require colleges to provide more support for students who report sex offenses.

This year, Obama named a White House task force to study how to combat campus sex assault.

His administration published a list of dozens of colleges under federal investigation for potentially mishandling sexual violence reports in violation of Title IX.

Many who have faced disciplinary sanctions disagree.

They question the fairness of closed-door, internal proceedings that don’t follow the same rules of evidence and procedure as criminal courts. Wayne, a Washington attorney for a plaintiff in such a case in a 2011 trial in federal court involving Sewanee: The University of the South in Tennessee, said colleges are not equipped to adjudicate sex assault allegations.

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