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NARRATIONThe latest class of peptides to cause controversy work by stimulating the athlete's own natural release of growth hormone.These are illegal peptides, like CJC-1295, listed in the ACC report.But world-renowned hormone expert Professor Ken Ho says that's a big myth.Prof Ken Ho Giving more growth hormone than what the body needs does not make you stronger or more powerful.The standards of manufacture are not as strict as drugs or medications administered into the human body.NARRATIONAn alternative to peptides for enhancing power and strength are the anabolic steroids.

And it's these peptides that the drug cheats are exploiting to get that winning edge.

We looked at the quality of muscle function, the ability to jump, the ability to pull a dead weight and the ability to maximise one's endurance.

NARRATIONHuman growth hormone is actually a naturally occurring molecule released by the pituitary gland.

NARRATIONIn February this year, the Australian Crime Commission unleashed the biggest doping investigation in our sporting history.

Jason Clare The findings are shocking and they'll disgust Australian sports fans.

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